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MY1999 MY2001 Ford Mustang Cobra Convertible SVT

Ford With the introduction of the new edge Mustang in 1999, came a new SVT Cobra. All 1999-2001 Cobras featured independent rear suspension, unique to the Cobras. They were not supercharged like the 03 and 04 were. They also used a newer returnless fuel system which helped Ford meet tightening emission standards. The new Cobra had an upgraded 4.6L DOHC engine with 320 hp and 317 ft·lb-ft of torque. The 4.6 L Cobra was not produced in 2000. Ford replaced the intake manifold, exhaust and computer components to produce 320 hp. The Cobra came back in 2001 with the same power rating, close to its GM competition, the Camaro SS and Pontiac Trans Am Ram Air WS6 package that produced 325 hp. The Cobra was generally considered on par if not exceeding its domestic counterparts for performance because of its weight to power ratio and quicker 0-60 times.  Read more

MY2003-2006 Ford GT

Ford The Ford GT: What else do I need to say? Halo Car in league with the best the industry had to offer during its production run. Featuring an All Aluminum version of the popular 5.4L V8 Supercharged and intercooled. Lightweight construction and standard 6sp Manual. Good for 500+ HP!  Read more

MY2005-2006 Ford GTX1

Ford This is a Great Addition to what is already a phenomenal vehicle. Not only does the GTX1 feature a Convertible setup, it also is carrying an extra 150+ some odd HP as well as a lowered stance from the Coupe.  Read more